Welcome! We need some basic information to be sure you receive the correct notices from us. 
Obviously, we need your Name, and CURRENT CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS,  but we also need your STREET ADDRESS (to determine whether you can become an active member of the Civic Association). Active Residential Membership is restricted to persons 18 and older who live or own property within the boundaries of First Montrose Commons. Persons who do not meet this requirement are welcome to subscribe to our email list and newsletter. You may subscribe to our email list and newsletter FREE of charge.

We'd appreciate a current cell phone number as well - just in case there's an emergency in the neighborhood that requires immediate notifications.

First Montrose Commons respects the privacy of all its Members and Subscribers and NEVER shares our list with anyone else. 

Please note - The Civic Association of The First Montrose Commons, Inc. is a Texas Not For Profit 501(c)4 corporation. We are NOT a Homeowners Association under Texas Law, but rather a completely voluntary Civic Association dedicated to the preservation and protection of the territory shown above. Dues and/or donations to the Civic Association are NOT deductible from Federal Taxes. 
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We cannot process your request without a current valid email address.
We'd like your cell number - TO BE USED FOR URGENT NOTIFICATIONS only.
Your FULL STREET ADDRESS is REQUIRED to determine eligibility for RESIDENTIAL MEMBERSHIP. If you are a non-resident owner of property inside FMC, Please list the property address here, and your mailing address in the NOTES Field below.
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